Nie wierzcie elektrykom

Nie wierzcie elektrykom
Studio album by Big Cyc
Released 1991
Recorded 1991
Genre Punk rock
Big Cyc chronology
Z partyjnym pozdrowieniem. 12 hitów w stylu lambada hardcore
Nie wierzcie elektrykom
Miłość, muzyka, mordobicie

Nie wierzcie elektrykom (Polish Don't trust the electricians) is the second studio album of the punk rock band Big Cyc, released in 1991. The title is a pun on "Don't trust the politicians" an it alludes to Lech Wałęsa's profession. The president of Poland was also depicted on the cover in a rather iconoclastic way, dressed in a jacket with a Playboy badge (as opposed to Virgin Mary badge, actually worn by Wałęsa). The album emulated a radio show, the songs being separated by nonsense dialogues of two "hosts", Skiba and Paweł "Konjo" Konnak.

Track listing

  1. "Marian, wierny kibic" (Marian, a faithful football fan)
  2. "Chrześcijańscy kanibale" (Christian cannibals)
  3. "Oszukani partyzanci" (Deceived partisans)
  4. "Nie ma tu nikogo" (There's nobody here)
  5. "Polacy" (The Poles)
  6. "Biały miś" (White Bear)
  7. "Kanar?" (Ticket Controller)
  8. "Ruskie idą" (The Russians are coming)
  9. "Nie wierzcie elektrykom" (Don't trust the electricians)
  10. "Karel rege" (Karel Reggae)


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