Nicolai Lumholtz

The grave of Bishop Lumholtz, photographed in 1937

Nicolai Lumholtz (19 September 1729 – 20 June 1819) was a Danish-Norwegian bishop.

Nicolai's Church in Copenhagen.

He was born in Copenhagen as a son of controller Niels Lumholtz (1688–1763). He became a catechist in Nicolai's Church in Copenhagen in 1757, curate in Frederiksborg and hospital priest in Hillerød in 1770, curate in Nicolai's Church in 1772 and dean in the Diocese of Christiania in 1774. When Bishop Christen Schmidt fell ill and died (1804), Lumholtz was the acting Bishop of Christiania. However, he was only given the title of bishop in 1805,[1] the same year that Fredrik Julius Bech took over.

Lumholtz was married three times. The first marriage, to Anne Marie Reus, lasted from November 1770 to her death in February 1779. The second marriage, to Kristin Cudrio, lasted from January 1780 to her death in June 1787. In December 1794 he married Karine Næschill, born in 1776. Lumholtz died in June 1819.[1] His widow Karine married later Bishop of Christianssand, Mathias Sigwardt in 1822.[2] With his second wife he had the daughter Karen, who married Ludvig Stoud Platou.[3]


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Preceded by
Christen Schmidt
Bishop of Christiania (acting)
Succeeded by
Fredrik Julius Bech
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