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Nick Video / Turbo Nick
Created by Nickelodeon
Original network
 United States only
First shown in
Original release July 1, 2005 (soft launch)
July 17, 2005 (as TurboNick)
April 1, 2009 (renamed to Nick Video)
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Nick Video (known as TurboNick in international markets) is an online Nickelodeon-branded broadband channel that launched in 2005 as TurboNick. It features up to 15 hours of new programming every week and includes advertising.


As TurboNick

In its soft launch phase that commenced July 1, 2005, TurboNick garnered more than 1.25 million streams and officially launched with a full advertising and promotional campaign on July 17.

Later on, Nickelodeon restricted the service to viewers only inside the United States and its territories. Shortly after Nickelodeon implemented these restrictions, TurboNick UK was launched, but unlike the original, the UK edition only features short clips of programs and is only available in the UK. An Australian version of TurboNick was launched in Early 2006 and still runs to this day (after re-brand) and a German version was launched in April 2007. A Latin American version of TurboNick exists under the name Nick Turbo.

On April 1, 2009, Nickelodeon renamed TurboNick to Nick Video, though some older videos have the TurboNick logo showing at some point in the video, like the "Extra Scoop" videos.


Current Programming

Nick Video's current programming represents Nickelodeon's current programming efforts in addition to some archived programming. Programming is stylized as it appears on the Nick Video shows page.[1]

Former Programming

Programming former available online, including content that was part of TurboNick. Although these programs are not available from the main Nick Video interface, there are some exceptions. Using an internet search engine, you can access at least one episode of Double Dare 2000.[2] Double Dare: "Episode 147". This may be an error in the website, although the episode name and description appear, there are some inconsistencies with the featured offerings.

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