Nicholas Mahon Power

Nicholas Mahon Power (1787 1823)[1] was an Irish nationalist politician. He sat in the House of Commons of the United Kingdom from 1847 to 1859.


Standing as a Repeal Association candidate, he was elected at the 1847 general election as one of the two Members of Parliament (MPs) for County Waterford.[2]

He was re-elected at the 1852 general election.[3] Power and his fellow Waterford MP John Esmonde were elected as candidates of the Irish Liberal Party, which had been in alliance with nationalists.[2] Power's brother Patrick had represented Waterford in 1835.[4]

After the election, and Power and Esmonde were among the 40 Irish Liberals who joined the new Independent Irish Party. The new party did not survive, and Power was re-elected as a Liberal in 1857.[2]

He did not contest the 1859 election, and retired from Parliament.[2]


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Parliament of the United Kingdom
Preceded by
Hon. Robert Carew
William Villiers-Stuart
Member of Parliament for Waterford County
1847 1859
With: Robert Keating 1847–52
John Esmonde from 1852
Succeeded by
John Esmonde
Walter Cecil Talbot

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