Nicholas I of Werle

Nicholas I of Werle
Spouse(s) Jutta of Anhalt
Noble family House of Mecklenburg
Father Henry Borwin II, Lord of Mecklenburg
Mother Christina of Scotland
Born c.1210
Died 24 May 1277(1277-05-24)

Nicholas I, Lord of Werle (c.1210 14 May 1277), was Lord of Rostock from 1229 to 1234 and Lord of Werle from 1234 until his death.

In the division of Mecklenburg of 1234, he received the Lordshipship of Werle. He was regent of Rostock for his younger brother Henry Borwin III, until his brother came of age.

He waged war together with Duke Barnim I of Pomerania against the Margraviate of Brandenburg and lost Perleberg, Wesenberg and Penzlin. However, after the death of his brother Pribislaw I, he managed to secure Parchim, Plau and Goldberg for himself. In 1275, he arbitrated in a conflict between his sons.

He strongly supported the founding of cities in its territory. He saw this as a way to develop the land.

He died in 1277. After his death, his sons divided Werle between themselves.

Marriage and issue

He married around 1231 with Jutta, the daughter of Count Henry I of Anhalt. They had the following children:

Nicholas I of Werle
Born: c.1210 Died: 14 May 1277
Preceded by
Henry Borwin II
as Lord of Mecklenburg
Lord of Rostock
Succeeded by
Henry Borwin III
New division Lord of Werle
Succeeded by
Henry I
as Lord of Werle-Güstrow
Succeeded by
John I
as Lord of Werle-Parchim

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