New South Wales 47 class locomotive

New South Wales 47 class


Type and origin
Power type Diesel-electric
Builder A Goninan & Co, Broadmeadow
Serial number 31-50
Build date 1972/73
Total produced 20
UIC class Co-Co
Gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Wheel diameter 1,016 mm (40.0 in)
Length Over headstocks:
14.000 m (45 ft 11.18 in),
Over coupler pulling faces:
15.270 m (50 ft 1.18 in)
Width 2.834 m (9 ft 3.57 in)
Height 4.200 m (13 ft 9.35 in)
Axle load 14.2 tonnes (14.0 long tons; 15.7 short tons)
Loco weight 85.3 tonnes (84.0 long tons; 94.0 short tons)
Fuel type Diesel
Fuel capacity 3,300 l (726 imp gal; 872 US gal)
Lubricant cap 416 l (92 imp gal; 110 US gal)
Coolant cap 600 l (132 imp gal; 159 US gal)
Sandbox cap 0.44 m3 (16 cu ft)
Prime mover Caterpillar 16-D399TA
RPM range 650-1300
Engine type Four-stroke V16 diesel
Aspiration Turbocharged
Alternator Hitachi HI508 AR
Traction motors Hitachi HS366 AR, 6 of
Cylinders 16
Cylinder size 158.75 mm × 203 mm (6.25 in × 7.99 in)
Performance figures
Maximum speed 113 km/h (70 mph)
Power output Gross: 840 kW (1,126 hp),
For traction: 746 kW (1,000 hp)
Tractive effort Continuous:
171.07 kN (38,458 lbf)
at 11.8 km/h (7.3 mph)
Operators Public Transport Commission
Number in class 20
Numbers 4701-4720
First run 22 September 1972
Preserved 4705, 4706
Current owner Lachlan Valley Railway
Disposition 10 Scrapped, 4 Operational, 3 Stored, 1 Preserved, 1 Static, 1 Under Restoration

The 47 class are a class of diesel-electric locomotives built by A Goninan & Co for the Public Transport Commission in 1972/73.


4701 & 4703 at Broadmeadow Locomotive Depot in 1990

Twenty were ordered from A Goninan & Co with the first delivered in July 1972. After undergoing acceptance trails the first entered service in September 1972 with the last delivered in May 1973. Originally intended for use hauling coal services in the Hunter Valley, they were allocated to Bathurst to operate services in the state's west from Lithgow to Euabalong West, Bourke and Cootamundra and all branches in between. Their excellent ride qualities saw them find favour with crews, although they did suffer from overheating with one destroyed by fire in April 1974 and another in a collision in March 1977.[1][2]

In January 1981 it was decided to transfer the class to Broadmeadow to take up the duties they had originally been built for being used to haul coal services from Belmont, Dudley, Lambton and Pelton. They also saw use on services to Werris Creek, Tamworth and Moree. They continued to return to Bathurst Workshops for overhaul. A downturn in traffic as a result of a drought saw them placed in store at Parkes in 1982/83 before all were reactivated in 1984 resuming duties out of Broadmeadow.[1]

In 1987 4719 was withdrawn from service and stored at Bathurst Workshops as a source parts to keep sister units working, being joined by 4715 in November 1988. In 1989 both were moved from to Cardiff Workshops to be rebuilt as HTV2000, a Heavy Test Vehicle.[1][3]

Despite their favouritism with crews, their high maintenance costs saw them selected for withdrawal in 1989[4] with only six in service or under repair by November 1989[5] with the last being taken out of service in December 1990.[1][6]

In 1990 the Lachlan Valley Railway purchased 47s 01 and 08[7] followed in February 1994 by 02, 03, 07 and 16.[8] A later purchase was 4717. These were used to operate wheat services in the Cowra region in 1993/94.[9][10]

In June 1999 they commenced operating trip working services between Port Botany and the Cooks River container terminal in Sydney for Lachlan Valley Rail Freight[11] followed in July 1999 by a service between Cooks River and Carrington for R&H Transport Services.

Five Lachlan Valley Railway units remain in service, primarily operating infrastructure trains for Southern Shorthaul Railroad.[12][13]

Fleet status

Locomotive Serial No Completed Current Owner Operator Livery Status
4701 31 Jul 72 Lachlan Valley Railway Southern Shorthaul Railroad SSR yellow Operational
4702 32 Sep 72 Lachlan Valley Railway Southern Shorthaul Railroad LVR silver & green Operational
4703 33 Oct 72 Lachlan Valley Railway Wesfreight LVRF green Preserved [Operational]
4705 35 Nov 72 Privately owned Indian red Static Display, Werris Creek
4706 36 Nov 72 Dorrigo Steam Railway & Museum Candy Stored
4707 37 Nov 72 Lachlan Valley Railway Candy Under Restoration, Eveleigh Railway Workshops
4708 38 Nov 72 Lachlan Valley Railway Southern Shorthaul Railroad Indian Red Operational
4716 46 Mar 73 Lachlan Valley Railway Southern Shorthaul Railroad Indian red Operational
4717 47 Mar 73 Qube Logistics Qube Logistics R&H Transport Stored, Goulburn
4719 49 Apr 73 Lachlan Valley Railway Yellow Stored As HTV2000


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