New History of the Five Dynasties

New History of the Five Dynasties
Author Ouyang Xiu
Original title 五代史記 (Wǔdài Shǐjì)
Translator Richard L. Davis (2004)
Country China (Song Dynasty)
Language Classical Chinese
Genre Chinese historiography
Publication date
Original text
五代史記 (Wǔdài Shǐjì) at Chinese Wikisource

The Historical Records of the Five Dynasties (五代史記, Wudai Shiji) is a Chinese historiography book on the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period (roughly 907–960) of ancient China, written by the Song Dynasty official Ouyang Xiu (1007–1072) in private. It was drafted during Ouyang's exile from 1036 to 1039 but not published until after his death.[2]

One of the official Twenty-Four Histories of China, the book is frequently referred to as the New History of the Five Dynasties (新五代史; Xin Wudai Shi) in order to distinguish it from the Old History of the Five Dynasties which was published in 974.[3]


New History of the Five Dynasties covers the Later Liang, Later Tang, Later Jin, Later Han, and Later Zhou dynasties. The book consists of 74 chapters total. It includes biographies, annuals, case studies, family histories, genealogies, and coverage about Chinese tribes. The layout of the work was inspired by the style of Li Yanshou (李延寿) and it pulls content from Xue Juzheng's work. It has been described as being more important than the work that Xue Juzheng created and upon its discovery "Xue Juzheng's earlier history was largely forgotten and nearly lost to the world."[3]

The book has been partially translated into English:


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