The Nevljica is a river in the Municipality of Kamnik, Slovenia. It comes out below Kozjak Hill (737 m, near Črni Vrh v Tuhinju) and flows through the Tuhinj Valley. It also flows through the settlements of Nevlje and Mekinje. It is a left tributary of the Kamnik Bistrica.


There are two notable bridges over Nevljica:

1938 findings

In January 1938, due to erosion and frequent flooding, the administration of the Drava Banovina started to regulate the bed of the river. In addition, a bridge was to be built. On 14 March 1938, workers at the site found objects that were later shown to be an almost complete skeleton of a woolly mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius). An Upper Paleolithic archeological site was established in Nevlje. Remains of other animals as well as a human tool were found, and it was shown that around 22,000 years ago there was a human hunting settlement in the area. The skeleton gave its name to the bridge over the river in Nevlje.


Coordinates: 46°13′54.02″N 14°37′22.55″E / 46.2316722°N 14.6229306°E / 46.2316722; 14.6229306

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