Nemzeti Sport

Nemzeti Sport (the title means "National Sport") is a Hungarian sports daily.[1][2]

History and profile

Nemzeti Sport was founded in 1903.[3] The paper is owned by Ringier[4] of Switzerland. It is frequently cited by quality English-language media[5][6] The paper is published in broadsheet format.[7]

Its publisher claimed that the newspaper had the third largest circulation in the country.[8] The circulation of the paper was 96,000 copies in 2003.[7] It had a circulation of 95,111 copies in 2009, making it the fourth most read daily in the country.[9]


Although Nemzeti Sport is considered as one of the most reliable source of information on sport, recently the online version of the paper became increasingly sensational. An example of this tendency can be observed by the news items about the possible transfer of the Hungary national football team and Dinamo Moscow left-winger Balázs Dzsudzsák.

Date Team
28/07/2015 Hertha BSC and Internazionale [10]
12/07/2015 Beşiktaş [11]
27/05/2015 Internazionale [12]


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