Neltje Blanchan

Neltje Blanchan De Graff Doubleday (October 23, 1865 – February 21, 1918) was a United States scientific historian and nature writer who published several books on wildflowers and birds under the pen name Neltje Blanchan.[1] Her work is known for its synthesis of scientific interest with poetic phrasing.

Early life and education

Neltje Blanchan De Graff was born in Chicago to Liverius De Graff, a proprietor of a men's clothing store, and his wife Alice Fair. She was educated at St. John's Preparatory School in New York City and The Masters School in Dobbs Ferry, New York.[2]

Marriage and family

Neltje married Frank Nelson Doubleday in Plainfield, New Jersey on June 9, 1886. They had two sons and one daughter: Felix Doty (adopted), Nelson (1889–1949) and Dorothy. They had homes in both New York City and Oyster Bay.

Writing career

Neltje Doubleday published eleven books under her pen name of Neltje Blanchan. Her works on wildflowers and birds were notable for their combination of scientific facts with poetic expression.

Community service

Neltje Doubleday entertained regularly and participated in philanthropic work for the American Red Cross.[1]

In 1917 she visited the Philippines and China on special assignment as a commissioner for the Red Cross. She died suddenly in Canton, China on February 21, 1918 at age 52.[1]

Legacy and honors

Nellie's grandson Nelson Doubleday Jr. was president of the Doubleday publishing company from 1978–1986, when he sold it to the Bertelsmann group from Germany. He purchased the New York Mets in 1986 and was chairman of its board that year when it won the World Series title. In 2002 he sold his half share in the team.

Published works

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