The Nekresi complex

Nekresi (Georgian: ნეკრესი) is a historic town in Kakheti, Georgia, in modern day Kvareli Municipality, near the village of Shilda. The town was established by king Pharnajom (around 2nd-1st centuries BC). In the 4th century AD, king Thrdat built a church in this place. This church became a refuge to one of the Assyrian fathers, Abibus, in the late 6th century. Around this time Diocese of Nekresi was established, which existed until the 19th century.

The church was recently restored, stone masonry repaired, roof rebuilt, windows put in place.

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Coordinates: 41°58′19.11″N 45°46′3.99″E / 41.9719750°N 45.7677750°E / 41.9719750; 45.7677750

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