Neelamalai Thirudan

Neelamalai Thirudan

DVD Cover
Directed by M. A. Thirumugam
Produced by Sandow M. M. A. Chinnappa Thevar
Written by S. Ayyaiah Pillai
Starring Ranjan
Anjali Devi
P. S. Veerappa
K. A. Thangavelu
E. V. Saroja
Music by K. V. Mahadevan
Cinematography V. N. Reddy
C. V. Moorthy
Edited by M. A. Thirumugam
M. Balu Rao
M. A. Mariyappan
Vahini Studios
Distributed by Devar Films
Running time
150 Mins
Country India
Language Tamil

Neelamalai Thirudan (English:Blue Mountain Thief) is 1957 Tamil Action film directed by M. A. Thirumugam and produced by Sandow M. M. A. Chinnappa Thevar under his production company Devar Films. The film script was written by S. Ayyaiah Pillai. Soundtrack was composed by K. V. Mahadevan. The film stars Ranjan Anjali Devi P. S. Veerappa and K. A. Thangavelu played lead role with E. V. Saroja M. K. Radha E. R. Sahadevan T. S. Balaiah and P. Kannamba played portraying supporting role.[1][2] Ranjan's performance a Robin Hood contributed to the success of the film.


A good hearted brother (E. R. Sahadevan) has a kind sister lakshmi(P. Kannamba) and a villainous brother Nagappan(P. S. Veerappa), who has his eyes on the family wealth. The kind brother has a Son(Ranjan) and the sister has a girl Maragatham(Anjali Devi). Aware of the evil brother Nagappan plans, the good brother leaves home and entrusts his son to the care of his sister and her husband Thangappan(M. K. Radha). Getting to know about his exit, the villain goes to search of him and his family and orders his henchman Nanjappan(Sandow M. M. A. Chinnappa Thevar) to kill them. The family are separated. The boy now grown up takes up the cudgels against the evil uncle. Like Robin-Hood, he helps the down trodden. He was expose the villain and restore peace forms the rest of the point. Finally the whole family is united[1]


The two animal characters in the movie Iqbal(The horse) and Tiger(The dog) live up quite a few sequence. In the famous scene Rajan, who always ride the horse, his caught alone by his enemies in the woods. The dog follows him, notices his problem and rushes to the horse. The dog gets onto the horse and both ride away fast and rescue their master. The sequence never failed to raise cheers from the audience in those days.[1]




Chinnappa Thevar wanted to make film with M. G. Ramachandran and planned the screenplay and song situations accordingly. Much to his surprise, MGR did not give him dates for shooting as he was busy with several productions, including his home production Nadodi Mannan. Touched to the quick, Thevar brought Ranjan on board which upset MGR some more!. During the making of B. N. Rao's Saalivaahanan in which Ranjan played the hero and MGR played villain, there was some misunderstanding between the two especially while filming the stunt sequence.

After Neelamalai Thirudan film, MGR and Thevar forgot their difference and came together to make several hit such as Thaai Sollai Thattadhe and Thayai Katha Thanayan. The two had known each other from their early days in central Studios. MGR was on the studio rolls and employee and Thevar was supplying milk to the studio canteen and played more than one roles in their movies often without credit.[1]


Neelamalai Thirudan
Soundtrack album by K. V. Mahadevan
Released 1957
Recorded 1957
Genre Sareegama
Length 24:27
Language Tamil
Producer K. V. Mahadevan

Music composed by K. V. Mahadevan and lyrics written by Thanjai Ramaiah Doss, A. Maruthakasi and Puratchidasan.[3]Playback singers are T. M. Soundararajan, S. C. Krishnan, Jikki, A. G. Rathnamala & G. Kasthoori.

The Randor Guy stated A song filmed on the rural Robin-Hood Sathiyamey lakshiyamaye Kolladaa become hit. A. Maruthakasi Penned song and T. M. Soundararajan sang it in an impressive manner. This song which underlines the philosophy of life and the importance of helping the down trodden and destroying the villains became very popular.(and is often aired in Television Chennal).[1]

No Song Singer Lyricist Length(m:ss)
1 Chithirai Madha Nilavu G. Kasthoori 02:18
2 Konjum Mozhi Penngalukku Jikki 03:28
3 Vethalai Pakku S. C. Krishnan & A. G. Ratnamala Thanjai N. Ramaiah Doss 02:27
4 Sathiyame Latchiyamai T. M. Soundararajan A. Maruthakasi 03:39
5 Ullam Kollai Jikki 03:59
6 Yengi Yengi Jikki 03:21
7 Kannalam(Onnukku Rendatchi) S. C. Krishnan & A. G. Ratnamala 02:03
8 Sirikkiran Moraikkiran T. M. Soundararajan, Jikki 04:32


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