Ne quittez pas !

Ne quittez pas !
Directed by Arthur Joffé
Written by Arthur Joffé
Based on Story by Arthur Joffé and Guy Zilberstein
Starring Sergio Castellitto
Michel Serrault
Isabelle Gélinas
Rachida Brakni
Dominique Pinon
László Szabó
Lisette Malidor
Emily Morgan
Arthur Joffé
Music by Jean-Claude Nachon
Angélique Nachon
Cinematography Philippe Welt
Studio 24
Release dates
18 August 2004
Running time
Country France
Language French

Ne quittez pas ! is a French comedy film directed by Arthur Joffé, released in 2004.


Internationally renowned astrophysicist, Félix Mandel, 40, is very attached to the past, to the great despair of his wife, Lucie, who does not know that he is still in contact with the love of his youth, Wendy Lawrence, and does not want him to keep filling his office with souvenirs. One day, fed up with it, she decides on a spring clean, during which she finds an old coat that had belonged to his father, Lucien, dead for two years. After she gives the coat to a tramp, Félix receives a phone call from... Lucien, furious that his son has disposed of the clothing!



  • Sergio Castellitto : Félix Mandel
  • Michel Serrault : Lucien Mandel (voice only)
  • Isabelle Gélinas : Lucie Mandel
  • Rachida Brakni : Yaëlle
  • Dominique Pinon : The tramp
  • László Szabó : The tailor
  • Lisette Malidor : The "black prince"
  • Emily Morgan : Wendy
  • Tchéky Karyo : Raveu, the banker
  • Hélène de Fougerolles : The air hostess
  • Maurice Bernart : The rabbin
  • Chantal Neuwirth : Aeroplane passenger
  • Jeff Mirza : The London taxi driver
  • Vincent Sgonamillo : Léo
  • Bruno Flender : Jérôme
  • Marc Brunet : Ravier
  • Xavier Letourneur : The butcher
  • Juliette Joffé : Clotilde
  • Nikos Meletopoulos : The barman in the "Goutte d'Or"
  • Gaëtan Lancia : Thee client in the "Goutte d'Or"
  • Deborah Benasouli : The telephone saleswoman
  • Arthur Joffé : The psychoanalyst
  • William Alix : Peter
  • Steacy Hazard : Kate
  • Tiffany Dewael : Mona
  • Olga Grumberg : Raveu's secretary
  • Michel Scourneau : The bailiff
  • Anne Deleuze : The director of CNRS
  • Antoine Noirot : The young man on a scooter
  • Zinedine Soualem : The neighbour in the hotel
  • Sara Martins : The hotel receptionist
  • Claude-Jean Philippe : The client at the newspaper kiosk
  • Paul Minthe : The newspaper seller
  • Richard Chevalier : Cop #1
  • Antoine Régent : Cop #2
  • Bruno Lochet : The fellow-prisoner
  • Anoushka Tallos : The young woman on the mobile phone
  • Pascale Oudot : The social assistant
  • Elizabeth Kaza : The old lady tramp
  • Rémi Thiberge : The furniture remover

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