National Progressive Center Union

National Progressive Center Union
Εθνική Προοδευτική Ένωση Κέντρου
Founder Nikolaos Plastiras
Founded 1949
Dissolved 1961
Merged into Centre Union
Ideology Civic nationalism
Political position Centre
International affiliation None

The National Progressive Center Union (Greek: Εθνική Προοδευτική Ένωση Κέντρου, EPEK) was a Greek political party.

It was established in 1949 by General Nikolaos Plastiras and attracted a following of disappointed Liberals and left-leaning democrats. It preached a message of national conciliation, which put it in conflict with the rightist establishment. Together with Sophoklis Venizelos and George Papandreou, it formed a coalition government in 1950, which fell, however, when his partners retired.

In the Greek legislative election, 1951 elections, EPEK emerged as the strongest of the centrist parties with 23,59% of the votes and 74 seats in the Hellenic Parliament. However the elections were won by the Greek Rally under Alexander Papagos which won 114.

Since no party or alliance had the absolute majority in the Parliament and Papagos refused to participate in a government of national unity, the Liberal Party and the National Progressive Center Union formed a minority government under the leadership of Plastiras. Plastiras would stay in power from November 1, 1951 to October 11, 1952.

Plastiras submitted his resignation in order to seek re-election. King Paul I proclaimed the Greek legislative election, 1952. However this time the Greek Rally gained 49,22 and won control over 249 Parliamentary seats. Papagos formed a government and Plastiras was forced to retire in defeat. He would die on July 26, 1953 with his Party effectively dissolved.

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