National Investigation Department of Nepal

The National Investigation Department (NID), Nepal is one of the government’s main intelligence agency collecting information related to the country’s public security, economic crimes, corruption in government and domestic and foreign terrorist activities. It also has a unit that tracks international spies, cross border terrorism, money laundering, narcotics and human trafficking. It comes under the purview of the Home Ministry. Its head office is situated at Baraf bagh (Snow Garden) inside Singha Durbar.

It is believed that NID has about 1000 publicly hired agents all over 75 districts and an unknown number of paid informants.

Heads of the NID

  1. Rom Bahadur Thapa
  2. Harka Bahadur Thapa
  3. Ram Prasad Shrestha
  4. Chand Bahadur Rai
  5. Lekh bahadur Panday
  6. Bishnu Raj Panta
  7. Hari Bahadur Chaudhari
  8. Deviram sharma
  9. Dhan sing karki
  10. Ashok dev bhatt
  11. Moti gurung
  12. Jeet bahadur kc
  13. Dilipraj regmi

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