Nation's Restaurant News

Nation's Restaurant News
Frequency Bi-weekly
Circulation 60,604
Year founded 1967
Company Penton Media
Based in New York City, USA
ISSN 0028-0518

Nation's Restaurant News (NRN) is an American trade publication, founded in 1967,[1] that covers the foodservice industry, including restaurants, restaurant chains, operations, marketing, and events. It is owned by Penton Media, who purchased it from founding company Lebhar-Friedman in December 2010.[2] Nation's Restaurant News is a part of the Penton Restaurant Group, with sister publications Restaurant Hospitality and Food Management.[3]

Nation's Restaurant News is published bi-weekly, with an online portal that launched in 1996.[4]

Nation's Restaurant News has an audited circulation of 60,604 monthly subscribers.[5]


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