Natalio Botana

Natalio Botana, 1927

Natalio Botana (Natalio Félix Botana Miralles) was an Uruguayan journalist who started the newspaper La Critica (es) in Argentina in 1913.[1] [2][3]

Biography and family origins

He was born into a family of landowners whose commercial activities were often affected by continued political wars that erupted between the country's political parties: White and Colorados.

The basement of his house in Don Torcuato, a Buenos Aires suburb served in 1933 as the site for Plastic Exercise by exiled Mexican muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros.[3]

He was married to the writer Onrubia Salvadora Medina (es), and his daughter Georgina was the mother of comedian and writer Raúl Damonte Botana, known by the pseudonym of Copi.

His nephew is the famous political scientist Natalio R. Botana (es).


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