Natal Province

Province of Natal
Provinsie van Natal

  1991 2,430,753[1]
  Origin Colony of Natal
  Created 31 May 1910
  Abolished 27 April 1994
  Succeeded by KwaZulu-Natal
Status Province of South Africa

Natal Provincial Council

  HQ Pietermaritzburg
  Type Districts

The Province of Natal (Afrikaans: Provinsie Natal), commonly called the Natal Province, was a province of South Africa from 1910 until 1994. Its capital was Pietermaritzburg. The Natal Province included the bantustan of KwaZulu. The majority of the white population were English-speaking, causing Natal to become the only province to vote "no" to the creation of a republic in the referendum of 1960.[2] In the latter part of the 1980s, Natal was in a state of violence that only ended with the first multiracial elections in 1994.[3]

In 1994, the KwaZulu bantustan was reincorporated into the the territory of Natal and the province redesignated KwaZulu-Natal.

Districts in 1991

Districts of the province and population at the time of the 1991 census.[1]

Administrators of the Natal Province (1910–1994)

Term Incumbent Notes
May 1910 to January 1918Charles John Smythe
February 1918 to January 1928George Thomas Plowman
February 1928 to January 1943Herbert Gordon Watson
February 1943 to November 1944George Heaton Nicholls
November 1944 to February 1948Douglas Edgar Mitchell
February 1948 to May 1958Denis Gem Shepstone
June 1958 to November 1961Alfred Ernest Trollip
November 1961 to August 1970Theodor Johannes Adolph Gerdener
August 1970 to June 1979Wynand Wilhelm Benjamin Havemann
June 1979 to August 1979Frank Martin1st time, acting
August 1979 to September 1984Jan Christoffel "Stoffel" Greyling Botha
September 1984 to November 1984Frank Martin2nd time, acting
November 1984 to April 1990Radclyffe Cadman
April 1990 to 7 May 1994Cornelius Johannes van Rooyen Botha

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