Nara Dada

Nara Dada
Nara Dada
Coordinates: 31°04′N 72°32′E / 31.06°N 72.53°E / 31.06; 72.53Coordinates: 31°04′N 72°32′E / 31.06°N 72.53°E / 31.06; 72.53
Country  Pakistan
Province Punjab
District Faisalabad
Time zone PST (UTC+5)

Nara Dada (Urdu: ناراڈاڈا) (also known as 228 GB (Gogera branch) is a village in Faisalabad District, Punjab, Pakistan. Nara Dada located on the Gojra - Samundari road.[1] The exact history of the village is not known but this village existed before the independence of Pakistan. Most of the inhabitants of the village came to live there following migration from the villages Nara and Dada, in the Indian district of Hushiarpur - the village's name is a combination of these two names.

Most of the inhabitants are Muslim Rajputs who have fled from anti-Muslim pograms in India. There is also a small number of Christians living there.

This village is situated near a road, which is why it acts as a hub to many other villages in the region. The lands surrounding the village are very fertile, and crops like wheat, sugarcan, and maze grown their.

There are two high schools in Nara Dada one for boys and one for girls and a number of private schools with quality education. The people of Nara Dada take great pride in the level of education achieved - a number of students from the village have moved on to high functions in large companies because of their education. However, there is a notable difference of quality between the boys and girls schools - the girls high school is said to have no science teacher, and is being less supported in terms of staff.

Other facilities in the town include a government hospital of 10 beds, a telephone exchange. Compared to neighboring villages, Nara Dada is an advanced village. There are also plans to build a railway station. Many prominent personalities like Rana Muhammad bashir, Ex Chairman for BISE, Faisalabad are from this village. Another fact that contributes to Nara Dada's popularity is that it forms a connection between Samundri and Gojra.


Haggi Muhammad Akram

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