Location Pacific Ocean
Coordinates 17°19′S 178°14′E / 17.317°S 178.233°E / -17.317; 178.233Coordinates: 17°19′S 178°14′E / 17.317°S 178.233°E / -17.317; 178.233
Archipelago Nananu
Total islands 3
Major islands Nananu-i-Ra, Nananu-i-Cake, Mabua
Area 2,225,780 m2 (23,958,100 sq ft)[1]

Nananu-i-Cake [nɑː.nɑːˈnuː iː ðɑːˈkeː] is an island in Fiji about one kilometer off the coast of the main island of Viti Levu, near the town of Rakiraki in Ra Province.

Nananu-i-Cake is located immediately next to the island of Nananu-i-Ra. Nananu-i-Cake and Mabua (the islet located immediately to the southeast) islands are about 600 acres (242.81 hectares) in area.[1]

The island's name, Nananu-i-Cake, means "Daydream Upwind" (or easterly) in Fijian. The island is also known by several other names, including Ananugata, Nananugata, Yananu[2] and Nananu-i-Thake Island.[3]

The main residence on the island was designed by the architecture firm of Murray Cockburn, based in Auckland.[1] A deep-water jetty is on the island's western shore.


In 1974, Sir Harold Mitchell visited Fiji from the UK and purchased Nananu-i-Cake and Mabua as a retreat. Because of Harold's position of Vice-Chairman of the Conservative Party under Sir Winston Churchill and his social and political standing, several high-profile dignitaries visited and stayed on the island. Commemorative trees were planted for many of these high-profile visits. Nananu-i-Cake has remained in Sir Harold Mitchell's family since 1974.[4][5]

Nananu-i-Cake also retains evidence of moka, stone formations built in tidal areas to trap fish at lot tide, and ring-wall fortifications built with volcanic rocks.[6]


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