Nagold (river)


The Nagold at Dillweißenstein
Country Germany
Main source Urnagold
48°36′18″N 8°26′12″E / 48.60500°N 8.43667°E / 48.60500; 8.43667 (Primary source of Nagold)
River mouth Enz in Pforzheim
48°53′19″N 8°42′16″E / 48.88861°N 8.70444°E / 48.88861; 8.70444 (Mouth of Nagold)Coordinates: 48°53′19″N 8°42′16″E / 48.88861°N 8.70444°E / 48.88861; 8.70444 (Mouth of Nagold)
Basin size 1,151 km2 (444 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 90.4 km (56.2 mi)

The Nagold is a river in Baden-Württemberg, southwestern Germany. A tributary of the Enz,[1] it gave its name to the town of Nagold. It is 90.4 kilometres in length and has its source in Urnagold in the municipality of Seewald in the Northern Black Forest and flows in an easterly direction past Nagold, Calw[2] and Liebenzell and joins the Enz in Pforzheim,[3] near what is now the Parkhotel Pforzheim. Its main tributaries are the Waldach, a right tributary of river which flows to the west of the town Nagold, the Würm, a right tributary of river which flows south from Pforzheim, shortly before leaving the Black Forest, and the Teinach, a left tributary which flows in Teinachtal. Until the early 20th century the Nagold was used for timber rafting; ponds were created in the river for this purpose, e.g. near the village of Erzgrube.[4]


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