Nagahama, Ehime

Nagahama (長浜町 Nagahama-chō) was a town located in Kita District, Ehime Prefecture, Japan.

As of 2003, the town had an estimated population of 8,765 and a density of 117.19 persons per km². The total area was 74.79 km².

On January 11, 2005, Nagahama, along with the town of Hijikawa, and the village of Kawabe (all from Kita District), was merged into the expanded city of Ōzu and no longer exists as an independent municipality.

Located on the coast some of Nagahama's industries are fishing, logging, and a traditional wooden sandal factory. It is also has is well known in its area for having the best fugu (blowfish) sushi.

There is an observatory in Nagahama from which you can see a beautiful view of where the river runs into the Seto Nai Sea. There is a famous old drawbridge that is the oldest of its kind in Japan and still in use. The Nagahama Eki (train station) is also historic and has been in several movies.

Nagahama is also known as Iyo-Nagahama and not to be confused with Nagahama City which is not in Ehime prefecture.

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