Nahalat Shimon

Jews in Nahalat Shimon on their way to the Tomb of Simeon the Just, 1927

Nahalat Shimon (Hebrew: נחלת שמעון. lit. Simeon's Estate) is a Jewish religious neighborhood in East Jerusalem. Nahalat Shimon was founded in 1891 by Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jewish Kollels, to house poor Yemenite and Sephardi Jews.[1] The cornerstone of the neighborhood was laid in 1890, near the Tomb of Simeon the Just.[2][3]


Nahalat Shimon is located at the tip of the Kidron Valley, west of burial site of Simon the Just. The land was purchased in 1890 and the first homes were built soon after, housing 20 impoverished families. In 1947, there were 100 Jewish homes in the neighborhood. In March 1948, the British ordered the residents to evacuate within two hours due to mounting Arab violence.[4]


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Coordinates: 31°47′26.52″N 35°13′41.66″E / 31.7907000°N 35.2282389°E / 31.7907000; 35.2282389

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