For the other (short-lived) municipality in the Netherlands, see Naaldwijk, Sliedrecht.


Coat of arms

The village (dark green) and the statistical district (light green) of Naaldwijk in the municipality of Westland.
Coordinates: 51°59′35″N 4°12′18″E / 51.99306°N 4.20500°E / 51.99306; 4.20500Coordinates: 51°59′35″N 4°12′18″E / 51.99306°N 4.20500°E / 51.99306; 4.20500
Country Netherlands
Province Zuid-Holland
Municipality Westland
Population (January 2011) 18,858
Postal code 2670-2673
Dialing code 0174
Major roads N213

Naaldwijk (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈnaːltʋɛi̯k]) is a town in the Dutch province of South Holland. It is a part of the municipality of Westland, and lies about 10 km southwest of The Hague.

Naaldwijk lies in the heart of Westland. The largest economic sector is greenhouse horticulture. The largest flower auction site in the world, operated by FloraHolland, can be found in the nearby village of Honselersdijk.

Naaldwijk was previously a municipality in its own right, covering an area of 25.33 km² (of which 0.23 km² water). It included the towns Honselersdijk and Maasdijk.

On 1 January 2004 the municipality of Naaldwijk was merged with the neighbouring municipalities De Lier, 's-Gravenzande, Monster, and Wateringen to create the municipality of Westland. Naaldwijk is now the administrative capital of Westland.

The village of "Naaldwijk" has a population of around 15,440.[1] The statistical area "Naaldwijk", which also can include the surrounding countryside, has a population of around 17,370.[1]

Areas and neighbourhoods

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