NUTS 2 statistical regions of the Republic of Ireland

In the NUTS (Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics) codes of Ireland (IE), there are two level 2 statistical regions. They are:

Within the European Union, regions are arranged for statistical (Eurostat) and revenue disbursing purposes using the NUTS structure. In Ireland, the whole state is a NUTS 1 region. There are eight statistical regions at the level of NUTS 3 in the state.


Border, Midland and Western Region
Bright green
Southern and Eastern Region
Bright green

The regions are comprised of groupings of the following level 3 regions (pictured at right):


The regionalisation arrangements negotiated by the Government of Ireland in the context of Agenda 2000 resulted in the creation of two new regions. In July 1999, the two regions, and their associated Regional Assemblies, were established and came into effect.

Prior to 2014, the NUTS 2 regions were governed by two NUTS 2 Regional Assemblies. Statutory instrument No. 573/2014 abolished those assemblies.[1][2] Since that date, the association between Regional Assemblies and NUTS regions has ceased.

Today, there are three regional assemblies in Ireland but their territorial remit does not correspond to the territory of the NUTS 2 regions. The three Regional Assemblies in Ireland are the:

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