NRK News

One of two NRK Dagsrevyen news studios, located in Oslo
NRK Nyheter
Type of site
Brand name for NRK News:
NRK Dagsnytt (Radio)
NRK Dagsrevyen (TV)
Online newspaper
Available in Norwegian, Sami
Headquarters Oslo, Norway
Launched 1933 (1933)

NRK News is the news organization of Norsk rikskringkasting (NRK- Norwegian broadcasting corporation). It produces news around the clock for radio as well as television transmission in Norwegian. NRK Nyheter is a brand name for news produced by NRK. There are two main newsrooms, one for radio (NRK Dagsnytt) and one for television (NRK Dagsrevyen); both are headquartered in the Norwegian capital Oslo. Additional local news bulletins are produced at NRK newsrooms around the country, and there are NRK foreign correspondents reporting from many countries around the world. Urix is a television program that specializes in foreign news.

NRK Alltid nyheter (English literal translation: NRK Always News) is a special news radio station that transmits only news 24/7 in Norwegian and imports news in English from the BBC.

NRK's newsrooms also cooperate on posting news in Norwegian on the NRK website.

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