First Năstase cabinet

Năstase I

115th cabinet of Romania
Date formed 28 December 2000
Date dissolved 29 December 2004
People and organisations
Head of government Adrian Năstase
Head of state Ion Iliescu
Ministers removed
Total number of ministers 30
Member party PDSR, PSDR, later PSD PUR
Status in legislature Coalition/Minority
Opposition party PNL, UDMR, PD, PRM
Opposition leader Theodor Stolojan, Traian Băsescu Corneliu Vadim Tudor
Election(s) 26 November 2000
Outgoing election 28 November 2004
Legislature term(s) 2000 - 2004
Budget(s) four
Predecessor Isărescu I
Successor Tăriceanu I

The Năstase Cabinet was a cabinet of ministers led by Adrian Năstase that governed Romania from 28 December 2000 to 29 December 2004 during the third term of President Ion Iliescu.


Coalition members:   PDSR/PSD,   PSDR (merged into the PSD in 2001), and   PUR

Prime Minister:

Ministers of State:



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