Mutnedjmet (21st dynasty)

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t mwt nDm M
in hieroglyphs

Mutnedjmet was an ancient Egyptian queen of the 21st dynasty. She was the Great Royal Wife of her brother, Psusennes I, and was the mother of Pharaoh Amenemope and Prince Ankhefenmut.[2]

She was the daughter of High Priest of Amun Pinedjem I, who was the de facto ruler of Southern Egypt from 1070 BCE onwards, then proclaimed himself pharaoh in 1054 BCE. Her mother was Duathathor-Henuttawy, a daughter of Ramesses XI, last ruler of the 20th dynasty. Three of her brothers succeeded each other as High Priests of Amun and a sister, Maatkare became God's Wife of Amun.[3]

She is depicted as a young girl in the Luxor temple with her sisters Maatkare and Henuttawy. She is also shown in the Tanis tomb of her husband, where she was buried; here she is depicted as a queen in her burial chamber. The tomb was later usurped by her son Amenemope, and her mummy was lost. Several burial items are now in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.[2]

Her titles were: King's Daughter of His Body; King's Sister; Great Royal Wife; Lady of the Two Lands; Second Prophet of Amun in Tanis.[2]


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