Mutiny of Cambiazo

The failed Mutiny of Cambiazo occurred during the 1851 Chilean Revolution in Punta Arenas.[1]

The leader of the mutiny, José Miguel Cambiazo, had arrived to Punta Arenas as part of the company "La Fija de Magallanes".[1] In October 1851, 29 convicts arrived to Punta Arenas, among them 7 liberal rebels who had been defeated in April 1851. After an incident involving an other officer Cambiazo was incarcerated. In November 1851 Cambiazo made a failed attempt to capture the barque Tres Amigos. The military commander of Punta Arenas, Benjamín Muñoz Gamero, pardoned Cambiazo for this attempt.[1]

In November 21, Cambiazo and other mutineers took control of colony with the aid of other liberal sodiers.[1] Muñoz was made prisoner.[1] The Chilean ships Indefatigable and Meteoro plus the Royal Navy ship HMS Virago participated in the recapture of Punta Arenas.[2]


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