Museum of the Earth, Polish Academy of Sciences

Museum of the Earth in Warsaw, Poland.

The Museum of the Earth in Warsaw, established in 1948 and continuing a tradition initiated by Earth Museum Society back in 1932, has been operating within the structure of the Polish Academy of Sciences since 1959.

The Museum of the Earth is located in two historical buildings at Na Skarpie Avenue in the center of Warsaw, perched on high Vistula escarpment.


The museum's collection comprises over 170,000 specimens and objects covering all geological sciences, with special regard to Polish minerals, precious stones, meteorites and rocks, Baltic amber, fossil flora and fauna and archival documents on the history of the Earth sciences. Particular noteworthy is its extensive collection of amber and other fossil resins, ranking among the largest natural-science collections of its type worldwide.

Permanent exhibitions and Exhibit stands

Permanent exhibition: Granites.

Temporary exhibitions

Especially expositions from series: Nature And Art.

Open-air exhibitions

Historical - exhibit point

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