Musa Eroğlu

Musa Eroğlu
Genres Turkish Folk
Instruments Bağlama
Years active 1969–present

Musa Eroğlu (born 1946, Göksu, Mut (Kravga) in Mersin Province) is a Turkish folk musician and bağlama virtuoso.[1]

He was born in the Mut county district of Mersin.[2] He completed his secondary education in Mut. He started to show interest in music and to play bağlama at an early age. He´s a notable poet and songwriter, baglama (Saz) virtuoso. He gets his inspiration by Âşık Veysel Şatıroğlu, who is a high regarded poet of the Turkish folk literature. His collaboration with other bağlama masters such as Arif Sağ, Muhlis Akarsu, and Yavuz Top in a series of albums titled "Muhabbet" (friendly conversation, love) was widely acclaimed in Turkey. In 1998 he was officially recognized by the Turkish state, and works with the ministry of culture as an expert and researcher in Turkish folk music and dance.


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