Murk (film)


Murk Teaser Poster
Directed by Jannik Johansen
Produced by Thomas Gammeltoft
Hanne Palmquist
Ole Bendixen
Mike Downey
Sam Taylor
Zorana Piggott
Søren Poulsen
Written by Anders Thomas Jensen
Jannik Johansen
Starring Nikolaj Lie Kaas
Nicolas Bro
Music by Antony Genn
Cinematography Rasmus Videbæk
Edited by Per K. Kirkegaard
Film and Music Entertainment
Fine & Mellow Productions
Film and Music Entertainment
Fine & Mellow Productions
Distributed by Nordisk Film Biografdistribution
Release dates
  • 19 August 2005 (2005-08-19)
Running time
124 minutes
Country Denmark
United Kingdom
Language Danish
Budget 22,000,000 DKK [1]

Murk is a 2005 Danish horror and psychological thriller film.[2] The film was directed by Jannik Johansen, who wrote the screenplay along with Anders Thomas Jensen.[3] The film stars Nikolaj Lie Kaas and Nicolas Bro.[4]


Julie, a wheelchair-user, is said to have committed suicide on her wedding night. Her family is stunned, and no one can understand Julie's suicide. Her brother Jacob, a journalist, follows her ex-fiance to the Danish village of Mørke. Upon meeting him, Jacob discovers that he is going to marry another woman who uses a wheelchair. Upon these revelations, Jacob investigates whether Julie's ex-fiance is murdering women who use wheelchairs.[5]


  • Nikolaj Lie Kaas as Jacob
  • Nicolas Bro as Anker
  • Lærke Winther Andersen as Hanne
  • Laura Drasbæk as Nina
  • Lotte Bergstrøm as Julie
  • Anne Sophie Byder as Sonja
  • Morten Lützhøft as Carl
  • Lisbet Lundquist as Caroline
  • Hother Bøndorff as Rikkes far
  • Katrine Hartmann Nielsen as Rikke Bjerre
  • Lars Lunøe as Ka Hjort
  • Jørgen Lysemose as Bryllupspianist
  • Søren Thomsen as Onkel Svend
  • Ane Vinther as Rikkes mor


The film was screened at the Edinburgh International Film Festival on 19 August 2005[6] and on 23 August 2005 at the Copenhagen International Film Festival. The film was released in Denmark on 7 October 2005.[7]


Bodil Awards - 2006

Robert Festival - 2006


Marcel Sarmiento and Gadi Harel directed the American adaptation of the film entitled Merciless.[8] The Gold Circle Films project was rewritten in late December 2009 by Ed Dougherty[9] and was released in 2011.[10]


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