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The Intendant of Montevideo is the highest-ranking official in the government of Montevideo. It is elected every five years after the presidential elections.

List of Intendants of Montevideo

  Mayor Term start Term end Party
Daniel Muñoz 1909 1911 Colorado Party
Ramón V. Benzano 1911 1914 Colorado Party
Santiago Rivas 1914 1915 Colorado Party
Francisco Accinelli 1915 1919 Colorado Party
Alberto Dagnino 1933 1937 Colorado Party
Horacio Acosta y Lara 1937 1942 Colorado Party
Pedro Onetti 1942 1943 Colorado Party
Juan Pedro Fabini 1943 1947 Colorado Party
Andrés Martínez Trueba 1947 1951 Colorado Party
Germán Barbato 1951 1954 Colorado Party
Armando Malet 1954 1959 Colorado Party
Daniel Fernández Crespo 1959 1963 National Party
Ledo Arroyo Torres 1963 1967 Colorado Party
Carlos Bartolomé Herrera 1967 1969 Colorado Party
Oscar Víctor Rachetti 1969 1983 Colorado Party
Juan Carlos Payssé 1983 1985 National Party
Aquiles Lanza 1985 1990 Colorado Party
Tabaré Vázquez 1990 1995 Broad Front (PS)
Mariano Arana 1995 2005 Broad Front (VA)
Ricardo Ehrlich 2005 2010 Broad Front (MPP)
Ana Olivera 2010 Incumbent Broad Front (PCU)

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