Mundo de juguete

Mundo de Juguete (Toy World) is a telenovela produced in Mexico by Televisa in 1974. It is a remake of telenovela Papá Corazón (Argentina, 1973).

This telenovela holds the record for having the second longest run ever for a Latin American telenovela, with a total of 605 episodes (19741977). Most telenovelas run for an average of six to eight months; the shortest ones run about four months, and the longest up to a year. Many "Mundo de Juguete" fans believe that either all or some of the tapes and film from the telenovela were lost when Televisa collapsed during the 1985 earthquake. Televisa has been secretive regarding which tapes were lost during that earthquake, so there is no way of confirming this. However, such claims can be disputed, considering that the Telenovela has been repeated on television several times after 1985. During the nineties, it was repeated on Mexico City Canal 9 (now Galavision). For a period of time, it was also shown on Unicable (a Televisa Networks cable channel) or on Telenovelas (a channel also belonging to Televisa Networks specializing on reruns of old telenovelas) Televisa remade the telenovela in 2000, and called it "Carita de Angel".



Cristina is Mariano's daughter, a widower. She attends a Catholic school and creates a world of her own ("mundo de juguete") in the school garden. At school she meets "Nana Tomasina", an old woman who lives behind the boarding school where Cristina attends. She takes the lonely girl in and advises her. Cristina succeeds in making her father marry Rosario who was a novice at the convent/boarding school so that she can have a new mother.

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