Mumuye people

The Mumuyes are a people of Nigeria. They speak the Mumuye language. The Mumuyes constitute the largest tribal group in Taraba State of Nigeria and form the predominant tribes found in Zing, Yorro, Jalingo, Ardo-Kola, Lau, Gassol, Bali and Gashaka, all of which are local government areas of the state. Mumuyes are also widely found in many parts of the neighboring Adamawa State.

They occupy Mayo-Belwa, Jada, Ganye, Toungo, and some parts of Fufure and Yola in Adamawa State. They are also found in the adjoining parts of Cameroon. Their major occupation is farming. In the northeastern states of Nigeria the Mumuyes are the Largest producers of yam. Today the Mumuye tribes still uphold their traditional and cultural values, as most of their festivals and cultural rites are still been practiced. The Mumuye Language is one of the developed languages in North Eastern Nigeria. The Mumuye Language is taught at the National Certificate in Education and Diploma levels at College of Education Zing and Taraba State University Jalingo respectively. The population of the Mumuye people is estimated to be more than 1,000,000 people. The Chamba people are the closest neighbors of the Mumuyes.


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