Mulligans Flat Nature Reserve

Mulligans Flat Reserve
L'ecole publiqe du Mulligan's Flat

Mulligans Flat Nature Reserve is a protected area situated in the Gungahlin district on the northern outskirts of Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory in Australia. The nature reserve consists of 781 hectares of grassy woodland with some open grassland and a scattering of dams. The nature reserve is home to about 150 species of wild flowers which grow among stands of red gum and yellow box trees, making it one of the most significant nature reserves in the south east of New South Wales. In recognition of the significant attributes of the area, the reserve was incorporated into the Canberra Nature Park in 1994.

Mulligans Flat reflects a rich history of Aboriginal and European history. Aboriginees maintained a hunting and gathering lifestyle in and around this region for thousands of years. The reserve contains a large number of plant and animal species which were used for food by Aboriginals and there are springs and swampy areas which would have supplied fresh water. Surveys to date have identified many sites with artefacts scatters or isolated artefacts.

In late 2008 construction began on a 12 km long fence to exclude foxes, dogs and cats from a 480ha area. This allows a carefully balanced ecology to develop, including reintroduction of the endangered burrowing bettong, which was wiped out on the mainland 50 years ago.[1]

The nature reserve is classified as an IUCN Category IV protected area.[2]

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Coordinates: 35°10′S 149°10′E / 35.16°S 149.16°E / -35.16; 149.16

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