Mulanje Mountain Conservation Trust

The Mulanje Mountain Conservation Trust (MMCT) is a conservation trust in Malawi.

It is an environmental endowment trust funded by the World Bank through the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) and aims at providing long-term reliable support for biodiversity research and conservation of biological diversity and sustainable utilization of natural resources of the Mulanje Mountain Forest Reserve.

Mulanje Mountain has a very rich forest reserve, which is a home to a rich and diverse endemic plant and animal species. It is also a catchment of headwaters and a source of nine perennial rivers and tens of streams.

The Malawi Government allocated Mulanje Mountain and its Forest Reserve as a protected area in 1927 primarily to safeguard the water catchment and to control the extraction of endemic tree species, Mulanje Cedar, which is Malawi's national tree.

The Trust is working in collaboration with the Department of Forestry through the district forestry offices in Mulanje and Phalombe. The main objective is to manage the resources in the forest reserve by bringing in community participation and maximising benefits among resource users

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