Mula sa Puso (2011 TV series)

Mula sa Puso
Genre Action, Crime, Drama, Romance, Suspense, Thriller
Written by Wenn V. Deramas
Directed by Wenn V. Deramas
Starring Lauren Young
JM De Guzman
Enrique Gil
Opening theme "Mula Sa Puso" by Jovit Baldivino
Composer(s) Vehnee Saturno
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino, English
No. of episodes 98
Executive producer(s) Mark Anthony Gile
Adjanet Rase
Running time 30-45 minutes
Production company(s) Dreamscape Entertainment TV
Original network ABS-CBN
Picture format NTSC (480i)
Original release March 28 (2011-03-28) – August 12, 2011 (2011-08-12)
Related shows Mula sa Puso (1997)
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Mula sa Puso (lit. From the Heart) is a Philippine remake of the original 1997 TV series that starred Claudine Barretto, the late Rico Yan and Diether Ocampo airing on ABS-CBN from March 10, 1997 to April 9, 1999. The 2011 remake stars Lauren Young, JM De Guzman and Enrique Gil. The show is directed by the same director of the original series, Wenn V. Deramas.[1] This is the second soap opera remake of the network after its initial success and high ratings of the 2010 remake, Mara Clara. The show's original airing was at 6:00pm in 1997-1999 and was used again broadcasting this 2011.



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Mula sa Puso is a remake of the 1997 television series of the same title. It starred Claudine Barretto as Via, the late Rico Yan as Gabriel and Diether Ocampo as Michael. Two years after the series had its finale in 1999, it was adapted into a film where the whole cast reprised their roles except Ricardo Cepeda and Snooky Serna who played Abdon and Criselda. On March 2011, ABS-CBN announced that they had decided to remake the television series after the success of Mara Clara.[2] The remake will star Lauren Young as Via, JM De Guzman as Gabriel, and Enrique Gil as Michael. Ariel Rivera and Eula Valdez, who were both part of the 1997 series and the 1999 film, respectively, are set to join the cast playing different roles this time. Wenn V. Deramas who directed the 1997 series and the 1999 film is also set to direct the remake. The series adaptation is part of Kapamilya Gold, ABS-CBN's promotion for its upcoming series such as Nasaan Ka Elisa?, Maria la del Barrio and Hiyas.


Via (Lauren Young) has been treated like a princess by her father, Don Fernando (Ariel Rivera), a millionaire. On Via's eighteenth birthday, her hand was given to her childhood friend Michael (Enrique Gil) for marriage, although she does not have feelings for him like he does for her. Amid this drama, a revelation will begin when Via's aunt, Selina (Eula Valdez) plots her personal retribution on her brother, at the expense of Via. In the process, Via will meet Gabriel (JM de Guzman) who will save her from her heartache and become her hero in disguise. She will also cross paths with her real identity of her real mother Magda (Dawn Zulueta) who happens to be Gabriel's adoptive mother.


Lauren Young portrays the remake version of Via Pereira, originally portrayed by Claudine Barretto.
Enrique Gil portrays the remake version of Michael Miranda, originally portrayed by Diether Ocampo.
Eula Valdez portrays the remake version as the iconic villainess, Selina Pereira-Matias, originally portrayed by Filipina actress Princess Punzalan.

Main cast

Supporting cast

Special participation

Changes/Differences from the Original TV/Movie version

Original Versions Remake Version
Criselda died because of cancer in the TV and movie version. Criselda had cancer, but returned to the Philippines as her dying wish, and was killed by Selina.
Elena got kidnapped, tortured, raped, and murdered by Selina's henchman because she betrayed Selina. Elena never appeared in the remake.
Mariel and Elaine got raped by Selina's henchmen. The rape related scenes were not included during the remake.
Gabriel is Don Ricardo's son in the TV version. In the movie version, he was never introduced or identified nor mentioned. Rocco is Gabriel's biological father.
Via had amnesia after the events of the bus explosion, and was known as Ella. Via didn't have amnesia and wasn't known as Ella.
Ysmael had an illegitimate daughter named Jennifer with a woman named Connie. Connie and Jennifer never appeared in the remake.
Selina had lymphoma cancer and wore a hairnet/wig. Selina did not have any type of cancer.
Selina shot Carmen, the woman who saved Via and took her under her wing. Selina did not shoot Carmen, thus, she did not appear.
Manuel was Magda's brother and a serial killer in the TV version. In the movie version, he is a guest at Gabriel and Via'a wedding. Magda did not have a brother.
Ysmael was killed by Selina after saving Via and Magda. In the movie he was killed by Michael. Ysmael is still alive, and was seen in Gabriel and Via and Fernando and Magda's wedding.
Nicole was killed by Manuel. In the movie version, she was killed by Abdon when she saved Via. Nicole was unintentionally killed in the bus explosion, which was meant to kill Via, and was plotted by Selina.
Joei was Warren's crush and love interest. But in the movie version, she didn't appear. Joei did not appear, instead, Nicole was Warren's love interest.
Raphael was Carmen's son and Via's friend. Raphael didn't appear.
The character Ella Peralta, was made for the TV version only. Ella Peralta was not mentioned or used in the remake.
Gilbert was Selina and Ysmael's son in the TV series. In the movie, he doesn't appear. Gilbert is Ysmael's illegitimate son and Via's love interest.
Via and Magda were kidnapped for ransom money by Selina. Via, Magda, Gabriel, and Fernando were kidnapped for the whole wealth of the Pereira family.
Tindeng was thought dead when the room she entered suddenly exploded. Tindeng was never thought dead.
Selina was Fernando's half sister form his father's mistress, in which she's a bastard child. Selina is now adopted by the Pereira family and is Fernando's adoptive sister.
Selina shot Magda after she and Via tried to escape from her hands. Selina tortured Fernando and stabbed him in his back.
Gabriel and Warren saved Via from Selina's henchmen, during her eighteenth birthday. Gabriel was the only one who saved Via.
Don Ricardo never got shot. Rocco got killed by Selina after saving Gabriel from her.
Bagyo saved Selina from the car fire, when Via crashed her car into a carinderia. Bagyo never appeared in the remake and there was never a car fire.
Via was held hostage by Selina hoping to kill the latter. Via was never held hostage.
Via had a daughter named Magdalena, who was kidnapped by Selina. Via never had a daughter in the remake.
Selina suffered from a burned face after surviving the car explosion. Selina had a burned face because she went inside the burning bus, hoping to save Nicole.
Selina and Criselda were accomplices in kidnapping Via. Criselda was forced to get Via because Selina was going to kill her niece.
Criselda and Magda were enemies after she found out that Fernando is Magda's baby's father. Criselda tried to help Magda from Selina's hands, but was forces to help Selina in hope to save baby Via.
Selina got plastic surgery after getting money from Fernando. Selina didn't get her face fixed in the remake.
Selina and Via had a physical fight in the finale, and was dragged by a truck. In the movie version, she was killed in the car explosion. Selina got ran over by a truck instead of being dragged and remembered her painful past and her horrible crimes.
When Via and Selina fought, Via shot Selina in the arm and she fell from the building. Selina and Via never fought, but Selina was killed by a truck after quarreling with her neighbors.
Selina never got the money for ransom because Via called Michael not to give the money. Selina was locked in the Pereira volt, but was released by her men.
Shirley got kidnapped, tortured, raped, and almost left dead by Selina's henchmen. Shirley doesn't appear.
Towards to the end of the series, Selina ordered Bagyo to kidnap Via's daughter. Via's never had a daughter, Bagyo never appeared, thus, this scene didn't happen.


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