Muiredach Muillethan

Muiredach Muillethan mac Fergusso (or Muiredach Mag Aí) (died 702) was a King of Connacht from the Uí Briúin branch of the Connachta. He was the grandson of Rogallach mac Uatach (died 649), a previous king.[1] He belonged to the Uí Briúin Ai sept. His sobriquet Muillethan means "broad-crowned".


The annals report that his father Fergus (Muirgius) had been killed in 654 by the Ui Fiachrach Aidhne.[2] His uncle Cathal mac Rogallaig (died 680) is reported as dying in the year 680.[3] The date of his accession to rule over the Ui Briun is not known but must have been after the death of Cenn Fáelad mac Colgan (died 682) of the Uí Briúin Seóla.

The king lists vary in their order of kings in this period, The Laud Synchronisms place his reign after Fergal while the Book of Leinster place his reign much later.[4] The Annals of Tigernach report a reign of 696-702 for Muiredach as king of Connacht succeeding Fergal Aidne mac Artgaile (died 696).[5] Nothing is recorded of his reign however.

He was married to Cacht of the Corco Cullu (a minor tribe in Mag nAí), daughter of the slayer of his grandfather Rogallach.[6] He was the ancestor of the Síol Muireadaigh dynasty of Connacht and his known sons were Indrechtach mac Muiredaig Muillethan (died 723) and Cathal mac Muiredaig Muillethan (died 735), both future kings of Connacht.

Family tree

    Muiredach Muillethan
    |                                                                           |
    |                                                                           |
    Indrechtaig, died 723.                                                      Cathal
    |                                                                           |
    |____________________________________________________________               |__________________________________
    |                    |                     |      |         |               |             |       |           |
    |                    |                     |      |         |               |             |       |           | 
    Áed Balb (died 742)  Muiredach (died 732)  Tadg   Murgal    Medb            Dub Indrecht  Artgal  Dub Díbeirg Forgartach
                                             = ?              = Áed Oirdnide     d. 768.      d. 792.   d. 787.    fl. 789.
                                               |                |
                                               |                |
                                               Tipraiti         Niall Caille
                                               |                |
                                               |                |
                                         Síol Muireadaigh   Áed Findliath


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