Muhammadu Attahiru II

Muhammadu Attahiru II
Sultan of Sokoto
Reign March 21, 1903-1915
Predecessor Muhammadu Attahiru I
Successor Muhammadu dan Ahmadu
Born  (2016-12-16UTC14:47:16)
Died 1915 (1916)
Father Ali Babba bin Bello

Muhammadu Attahiru II was the thirteenth Sultan of the Sokoto Caliphate from 1903 to 1915. Muhammadu Attahiru II was the great grandson of Usman dan Fodio, the founder of the Sokoto Caliphate and son of Ali Babba bin Bello, the fourth Sultan. Upon the death of the eleventh sultan Abderrahman dan Abi Bakar in 1902, Attahiru II was the primary challenger to the candidacy of Muhammadu Attahiru I, with the later being selected as the Sultan. After losing this selection to Attahiru I, it is claimed that Attahiru II became largely uninterested in the affairs of the Caliphate.[1]

In 1903, British forces conquered Sokoto leading Attahiru I to flee from the city with many supporters. British Commander Frederick Lugard appointed Muhammadu Attahiru II the new Sultan of Sokoto on March 21, 1903. However, at the same time Lugard stripped much of the political power of the office of Sultan.[2]

Attahiru's reign was filled with tension between serving the population in the area and satisfying the British. A key event during his reign was a 1906 Mahdist revolution outside of the city of Sokoto in the village of Satiru. The British forces were moving toward the village and Attahiru II sent 300 cavalry to assist in the attack. The result was complete destruction for the town and most of the population was killed.[2]


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Preceded by
Muhammadu Attahiru I
13th Sokoto Caliph
Succeeded by
Muhammadu dan Ahmadu
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