Muhammad Abbass

Muhammad Abbass
Emir of Kano
Emir of Kano
Reign 1903 - 1919
Coronation May, 1903
Predecessor Aliyu Babba
Successor Muhammad Usman
Regent of Kano
Reign March 1903- May 1903
Predecessor Muhammadu Bakatsine
Born ????
Died 1919
Kano, Northern Nigeria
House House of Dabo
Father Abdullahi Maje Karofi

Muhammad Abbass was a Regent of Kano and later Emir of Kano.[1] He was appointed regent by Lord Lugard after the pacification of Northern Nigeria, he precided over the transformation of the Caliphal Emirate into an Emirate subject to the British throne under the Protectorate of Northern Nigeria.

Early life

Little is known about the early life of Muhammad Abbas. During the Third Kanoan civil war, he was loyal to his brothers and later became the Wambai of Kano after Aliyu Babba led the Yusufawa to victory. He escorted Aliyu Babba to Sokoto for the autumn campgain of 1903, when Kano was captured by the British.[2] After the Battle of Kwatarkwashi, he led section of the Kanoan force to surrender to Lugard, for his loyalty, Lugard appointed him Regent of Kano and in May 1903 confirmed him as the Emir of Kano.[2]


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