A residential area in Galkayo.

Location in Somalia.
Coordinates: 6°6′47″N 47°59′17″E / 6.11306°N 47.98806°E / 6.11306; 47.98806Coordinates: 6°6′47″N 47°59′17″E / 6.11306°N 47.98806°E / 6.11306; 47.98806
Country  Somalia
Capital Galkayo
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)

Mudug (Somali: Mudug, Arabic: مدق) is an administrative region (gobol) in north-central Somalia.[1]


It is bordered by the Ogaden, the Somali regions of Nugal and Galguduud, and the Indian Ocean. The provincial capital is Galkayo.


The Mudug region consists of five districts:[2]

Major towns

Small towns in Mudug


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