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Nickname(s): "Sabon Dale"
"Madinatul Islam"
Motto: "Home of Peace"

Location in Nigeria

Coordinates: 10°16′N 13°16′E / 10.267°N 13.267°E / 10.267; 13.267
Country Nigeria
State Adamawa State
Population (1991)
  Total 128,900

Mubi is a town in Adamawa North Senatorial Districts in Adamawa state, Nigeria. The major tribes are Gude Nzanyi and Fali peoples Muvi Names like umar gella family are very common in the state. The Nuhu Wakili's family is the ruling family in the town. It is home to the state university, Adamawa State University, Mubi.[1] Some media outlets claimed that the city has been renamed to Madinatul Islam, meaning city of Islam.

In November 2014, the Nigerian army took back control of Mubi from Boko Haram. Adamawa state governor Bala Ngilari said government forces had recaptured the town, although there was no independent confirmation of this. Some reports said Boko Haram had withdrawn after looting the town, rather than as the result of direct fighting. However, Bala Ngilari's chief of staff, Chibudo Babbi, told the BBC Hausa Service that remnants of the group were being flushed out of Mubi by the military.[2]


Mubi town fell victim to a terrorist attack on 2 October 2012 when suspected members of Boko Haram entered the town at around 10pm and started to kill indiscriminately.[3] The victims were mostly students from the three educational institutions (Federal Polytechnic Mubi, School Of Health Technology and Adamawa State University) based in the town. The death toll was put at 25 initially, however, the number is said to be closer to 45.[3]

Cattle Market

Mubi is the home of a famous international cattle Market popularly known as kasuwan shanu or Kasuwan tike situated at the center of the town, thousands of cattles and sheeps are bought by customers mainly from south eastern Nigeria and being distributed to the different parts of southern Nigeria by trailers and trucks. [4]


Coordinates: 10°16′N 13°16′E / 10.267°N 13.267°E / 10.267; 13.267

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