Mönkh Saridag

Mönkh Saridag

Eastern Sayan with Mönkh Saridag in the background.
Highest point
Elevation 3,491 m (11,453 ft)[1]
Prominence 1,578 m (5,177 ft)[1]
Listing Ultra
Coordinates 51°43′08″N 100°36′53″E / 51.71889°N 100.61472°E / 51.71889; 100.61472Coordinates: 51°43′08″N 100°36′53″E / 51.71889°N 100.61472°E / 51.71889; 100.61472
Mönkh Saridag

Location in Mongolia, on the border with Russia

Location MongoliaRussia border
Parent range Sayan Mountains

Mönkh Saridag (also spelled as Munku-Sardyk; Mongolian: Мөнх сарьдаг, lit. "eternal aiguille") is the highest mountain in the Sayan Mountains of Asia. It is 3,491 metres (11,453 ft) tall and is on the international border between Mongolia and Russia. It is also the highest mountain in Buryatia and the highest mountain in Mongolia's Khövsgöl Province. On the southern side, the tree line is at 2000 meters, on the northern side at 2200 meters.

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