Mount Fura

Mount Fura is a mountain found on old maps where the gold mines and capital of the Monomotapa kingdom was located. It is possibly to be identified as Stanford (1896) with modern Mount Fura (Mount Darwin) in Mashonaland Central, Zimbabwe.[1][2][3][4][5]


  1. Carl Peters The Eldorado of the Ancients 1902 Page 20 "On Stanford's map of 1896 the problem seemed to be already solved ; for there it was entered in Mashona- land as Mount Darwin. But if Mount Darwin was the old Mount Fura of our map, either there must be a great deal of gold in its vicinity, ...
  2. Carl Peters Im Goldland des Altertums - - 2014 Page 9 "Wo aber zunächst war Mount Fura, wie die Engländer ihn nannten, oder la grande montagne de Fura, wie es in meinem ... Auf Stanford's Karte vom Jahre 1899 war die Identificierung von Mount Fura und Mount Darwin bereits wieder fallen ..."
  3. Mutoko Madness Angus Shaw - 2013 "Israeli money brought Richard Chamberlain back for a remake of King Solomon's Mines, Rider Haggard's hero Allan Quatermain's search for legendary riches of Mount Fura, our very own Mount Darwin."
  4. Selous Scouts: Top Secret War- Ron Reid Daly, Peter Stiff - 1982 Page 41-"In October, four captured Z ANLA terrorists were detained in the cells at the Mount Darwin Police station ... all had been ... five kilometres outside of Mount Darwin, just at the foot of Mount Fura in the unpopulated area around Thackaray farm ..."
  5. The Month: An Illustrated Magazine of Literature, Science 1909 p.424 ... Silveiral that the Monomotapa's head-quarters were in the neighbourhood of Mount Fura. This mountain has been definitely identified with the present Mount Darwin, situated some [00 miles northward of Salisbury, and over 250 miles distant ..."

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