Morir para vivir

Morir para vivir
Genre Telenovela
Created by Félix B. Caignet
Written by Fernanda Villeli
Edmundo Báez
Directed by Benjamín Cann
Starring Claudia Ramírez
Eduardo Capetillo
Susana Dosamantes
Raúl Román
Otto Sirgo
Carlos Bracho
Anna Silvetti
Opening theme Morir en paz by David Haro
Ending theme Morir para vivir by Erik Rubin
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 75
Executive producer(s) Ana Martín
Location(s) Morelos, Mexico
Mexico City, D.F., Mexico
Cinematography Luis Monroy
Running time 21-22 minutes (episodes 1-10)
41-44 minutes (episodes 11-75)
Production company(s) Televisa
Distributor Televisa
Original network Canal de las Estrellas
Original release September 11 – December 22, 1989
Preceded by La casa al final de la calle (21:30)
Teresa (19:00)
Followed by Lo blanco y lo negro (21:30)
Cuando llega el amor (19:00)

Morir para vivir (English title: Die to live) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Ana Martín for Televisa in 1989.[1]

Claudia Ramírez and Eduardo Capetillo starred as protagonists, while Susana Dosamantes starred as main antagonist.


Rosaura Guzmán is a woman whose evil knows no bounds. Years ago, he sent to jail his own sister, Mercedes, accusing her of a crime he did not commit, in order to stay with her husband, Andrés Guzmán, who was in love with Rosaura. Alicia, the little Mercedes and Andrés daughter, grew up thinking that Rosaura was his real mother, while she was serving his sentence in prison.

Fifteen years later, the love of Rosaura felt for Andrés is over and now lover engineer Federico Iturralde, who was hired by Andrés himself to a drilling at the property where they live. Andrés begins to suspect that his wife is unfaithful with Iturralde, so Rosaura go to ask for help from Bocó, the most famous wizard of the region. This gives it a poison that gradually pour drinks Andrés to cause a deathlike catatonic.

Everyone, including Alicia believe killed Andrés, who is buried alive. Rosaura is preparing to celebrate its triumph without suspecting that Alicia and Federico are in love, but when he learns, decides to do with his stepdaughter as he did with her husband. Alicia is about to be buried alive when Teo, his dear old mother, discovers that a tear sliding down her cheek.

The nurse helps the doctor asks Sebastián Quijano (whom Andrés had asked to take care of Alicia in case he died), but then Bocó appears to try to prevent save her. The two men fight and lose their lives in Bocó head banging, so the doctor decided to place the corpse in the coffin of the witch Alice and close it. The next day the funeral takes place without anyone suspecting anything.

Meanwhile, doctor of Alicia takes her home in Mexico City, where he is slowly recovering from what happened. In front of the house of Don Sebastián is a guest house whose owner is Milagros, a cheerful and kind woman who cares for her tenants as if they were part of their family. Alicia does not suspect that one of the guests is her real mother, Mercedes, who is dedicated to teaching piano since he left prison.

The destiny takes Alicia to become his student; over time, between the two women born great mutual affection without knowing that the same blood runs through his veins. In the house Milagros also lives Victor, a boy who came to the capital Guadalajara with intentions of becoming a great musician.

The kindness of Alicia makes her fall in love with Victor; however, she does not want to know anything about love after lived with Federico. His heart is still full of resentment and one thing only encourages people to continue living: the desire for revenge on the woman who killed her father and the man who broke her heart, and this time is Alicia which is not willing to stop before anything or anyone.



Year Award Category Nominee Result
19908th Premios TVyNovelas Best Antagonist Actress Susana Dosamantes Won


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