Moorish Barracks

Coordinates: 22°11′14.6″N 113°31′57.3″E / 22.187389°N 113.532583°E / 22.187389; 113.532583

Moorish Barracks
Edifício da Capitania dos Portos
General information
Type Office
Location São Lourenço, Macau, China
Completed 1874

The Moorish Barracks (Chinese: 港務局大樓; Portuguese: Edifício da Capitania dos Portos) is a historical barracks in São Lourenço, Macau, China.[1]


The barracks was built in August 1874 to accommodate a regiment from Goa, Portuguese India. It was designed by an Italian architect.[2] In 1905, it was turned into the headquarter of Macau Port Authority. The building now houses the headquarter of Marine and Water Bureau.[3][1][4]


The barracks is built with bricks and neo-classical structure on the slope of Barra Hill.[5] It has Mughal architecture with 67.5 meters length and 37 meters width. The rear side of the building consists of two stories and the other part of the building consists of one story. The exterior of the building is painted in yellow and white.[6]

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