Industry News agency
Founded 1921
Owner Government of Mongolia
Website (English)

Montsame (Mongolian: МОНЦАМЭ) is the official state owned news agency of Mongolia. Montsame is an acronym for Mongolyn Tsakhilgaan Medee Mongolian: Монголын Цахилгаан Мэдээ, or Mongolian Electronic News. It was founded in 1921.[1] It has permanent correspondents in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolian aimag centers, Beijing, and Moscow.

International cooperation

The news agency has cooperation agreements with Information Telegraph Agency of Russia, Reuters, Xinhua, Yonhap, Vietnam News Agency, Prensa Latina, Polish Press Agency, Bulgarian News Agency, Anadolu Agency, Ukrinform, Voice of America, Azerbaijan State Telegraph Agency, Kazinform, Mehr News Agency, and Korean Central News Agency.[1]



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