Monte Rasu

Monte Rasu

Mount Rasu from the Tirso Valley in summer
Highest point
Elevation 1,259 m (4,131 ft)
Coordinates 40°25′19.87″N 9°0′23.92″E / 40.4221861°N 9.0066444°E / 40.4221861; 9.0066444Coordinates: 40°25′19.87″N 9°0′23.92″E / 40.4221861°N 9.0066444°E / 40.4221861; 9.0066444
Monte Rasu

Sardinia, Italy

Parent range Goceano

Monte Rasu is a mountain in the Goceano's range, in the central west Sardinia, Italy. Its summit, called Punta Manna di Monte Rasu (1,259 m), is the highest peak in the province of Sassari.

the Villa Piercy in the forest of Badde Salighes

The mount is surrounded by the woods of Foresta Burgos, Sos Niberos and Badde Salighes, characterized for the presence of thousand-year trees of holly and taxus baccata, and woods of downy oaks, chestnuts and holm oaks.

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