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Monrepos palace
Rear of Monrepos

Monrepos (German: Seeschloss Monrepos) (de:Seeschloss Monrepos) is a lakeside palace in Ludwigsburg, Germany. Although quite far from and almost separate from Favorite Palace and Ludwigsburg Palace, by way of pedestrian paths it is connected to the rest of the grounds. It is one of the two minor palaces on the estate, along with the main one. The smaller ones were used as Hunting lodges. Of all 3, this is the only one that is still owned by the royal family of Württemberg after their overthrow in 1918. Much of the privately owned land surrounding Monrepos is now part of a golf course, unlike the state owned part, which is made up of parks and museums.

Since the 16th century, the dukes of Württemberg enjoyed hunting along the Eglosheimer Lake. In 1714, Duke Eberhard Ludwig had an octagonal pavilion, the "Little Lake House" ("Seehäuslein"), constructed on the northern shore.

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